Monét Noelle Marshall

When the world is destroyed, someone must remake the world. I think you’d call that art.

-The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson


The Buy it call it trilogy

buy my body and call it a ticket

June 8 - 16

Buy My Body Announcement Ticket.png

A tightrope. A circus act. A freakshow. A funhouse mirror. A carnival game. A ride that goes round and round. This is the story of my body. On June 8-16, 2018, I will premiere “Buy My Body And Call It A Ticket”, a performance art experience that excavates, examines and interrogates all of the stories I carry about my body.

Buy My Soul and Call it Art

January 26 - February 4

Credits: Director of Photography: Derrick Beasley

Directed, Edited & Scored by adé Oh

Conceived & Performed by Monét Noelle Marshall

What is Black Art worth to you? 

On January 26th, Buy My Soul And Call It Art, a performance art experience, will premiere in Durham, North Carolina.  With a team of over 30 local artists, this immersive exhibition will explore the relationship between Black performance and mainstream arts spaces, the emotional labor of Black artists, the importance of Black joy and the connection between the slave market and the arts market.

invest in Black art

I am raising $6000 to produce this work. It is integral that every team member receive a financial contribution for their labor and that this piece remain accessible for all. 

I believe that Black art, Black performance, Black creation and Black life is valuable. And I know that you do to.

Cover Photo by Chris Charles

Background image by Flickr user SlimJim