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When the world is destroyed, someone must remake the world. I think you’d call that art.

-The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson


Leroy is a long time art and theatre enthusiast who is making his way back into the community Arts scene. His most recent productions have been Escape to Freedom 2017 and Reclamation 2017. Leroy is extremely happy to be collaborating with Monet once again and he would like to thank all of his family and friends for their love and support.


Jack Reitz is an  actor, writer, and  improvisor based  Durham, NC. He has been studying  improv since 2004,  first with the DSI  Comedy theater in  Chapel Hill, NC, and then with the UCB  Theater and The  Magnet Theater in  NYC. 







Brittany Bennett is a Camden, SC native currently calling Durham home. She spends her days thinking about how her work in community development finance can help make the world more equitable and just. Brittany is a lover of her grandma’s cooking, red lipstick, and almost all forms of dance.   


Meg Stein is a visual artist who lives and works in Durham. She also runs the community-based art collaboration, Dirty White Matter, which focuses on what white female and femme folks can do to be accountable to women of color. For more info or to join the project, visit


Patience does performity things for performity reasons. You may have seen them in some stuff before. If so, cool. If not, see more stuff. Ok thanks!


I am Jade Brieanne. Author. Filmmaker. Social Media Maven. Podcaster. Shower-Sanger. The Young Black Anakin Skywalker of everything you see. 






Alyssa Noble is a dance artist, dance writer and community organizer from Chicago, Illinois. She also makes coffee. Follow her online @ascho3 and at



Tommy Noonan is a director, choreographer and performer who works and teaches locally and internationally. After years on the move, he is happy to be working and collaborating with inspiring folks back in Durham, where he was born.


Terryca C. Taylor is  from Murfreesboro,  NC. She works in  Durham, NC with her nonprofit US  Outreach. She loves every  person she meets. She is happy to be  free.


Dree Dunlap is a Queen crowned in her locs! She is a performing artist residing in Durham, NC and feels extremely blessed to be involved in this rich and thought-provoking experience with Monet!


Mariah M. is from  Charlotte, NC by way of Brooklyn, NY.  She is a Black queer organizer,  manifestor of  dreams and student in life and love. She wants to fortify the bridge between art and activism  through her poetry and organizing work. She wants you to be great and pay Black femmes.


Ken Rumble is the author of Key Bridge, a poetry collection about Washington, DC, and The Accountant, a novel about a man who has to count a million potatoes. He writes and teaches writing classes in Durham. 


A.yoni Jeffries is an afro-indigenous vocal artist/songwriter and the co-founder of SOAP Worldwide Inc., an organization geared towards nurturing artistry and self-sufficiency in youth. From ballads to reggae, A.yoni channels her creativity to write songs across musical genres. The elements of her identity — resilience, blackness, femininity, rebellion, and spirituality — are the foundation of her creativity.



Gemynii is a self  taught artist who  creates paintings  focusing mainly on  abstract portraits  and figures of  people of color and  is influenced heavily by social issues,  music, body, gender acceptance and the overall Black  experience. Her  work can often  render audiences  uncomfortable,  forcing them to  critically think about blackness,  representation and  the body in a white  supremacist  capitalist patriarchal society and within  the contemporary art world. She currently lives and creates in Durham NC .


Born and raised in  Bull City (Durham,  NC), Damien  "Kamus Leonardo" Bynum reveals his  passion for hip-hop through his music.  He is the Co-founder of SOAP  Worldwide Inc., an  organization geared towards nurturing  artistry and self-sufficiency in the  youth. Kamus uses his voice as an  instrument to  represent the people globally. His music skillfully expresses his fluidity, while  proving what it  means to have an  old soul, while  thriving in this new millennium.

Cover Photo by Chris Charles

Background image by Flickr user SlimJim