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When the world is destroyed, someone must remake the world. I think you’d call that art.

-The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson

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I AM BLACK: A Community Conversation with Thomas F. DeFrantz

  • Manbites Dog Theater 703 Foster Street Durham, NC, 27701 United States (map)

This really is a dream come true as I facilitate the conversation following Thomas F. DeFrantz's "dialogic manifesto-lecture" "I AM BLACK". This was one of the pieces that my cast and I studied while rehearsing Buy My Soul And Call It Art. Join us as DeFrantz delivers this work and opens the space for what will assuredly be some good conversation!

From the Eventbrite:

I AM BLACK (YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO NOT KNOW)The discourse of race in contemporary performance falls apart when whites try to understand black performance. Contemporary black performance is saturated with experience and complexities that evade easy affiliations or ‘knowings.’ This dialogic manifesto-lecture offers strategies for acknowledging how artists of color and their collaborating audiences of color operate in several keys simultaneously, but are inevitably compelled to reduce their work and experience to the unknowable, shameful category of ‘race.’

Cover Photo by Chris Charles

Background image by Flickr user SlimJim