Monèt Noelle Marshall

Artist. Worker. Human.

Let’s make new worlds and call them art.

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When the world is destroyed, someone must remake the world. I think you’d call that art.

-The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson


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I am a Creative consultant.

I use arts-based strategies to share information, open spaces for deeper and more meaningful conversations and guide individuals and groups to more dynamic solutions. My happy place exists at the nexus of arts and culture, equity and community.

Have a project that could benefit from my particular brand of magic? Don’t hesitate to reach out. I can’t wait to work with you.

We run an LGBTQ resource group within our company, and we were so excited to invite Monet Noelle Marshall to speak at our official launch. In speaking about intersectionality and identity, she broke down complex ideas and made them accessible. She didn’t dance around difficult topics and she didn’t have to, as her authenticity opened up and held space for the audience to hear her story and engage with her in a genuine way. It was an incredibly moving experience to hear her pour out truth in our workplace, and to see the way her words resonated with our colleagues.
— Emily Marvin (Avalara)

Cover Photo by Chris Charles

Background image by Flickr user SlimJim